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The bold collection to accentuate your uniqueness

Collection Double Je - AEC Paris

"Because being yourself means having multiple facets"

For the first posts of our brand new blog, we invite you to discover our collections and their stories!

We start with "Double Je," a collection of jewelry made of stainless steel gold-plated with 18-carat fine gold and colored enamel, sometimes with a few cultured pearls incorporated into the designs. These creations embody boldness, individuality, and versatility for everyone.

Stainless steel, the material present in all our collections, is durable and environmentally friendly. It helps our jewelry withstand the test of time, turning fleeting trends into timeless pieces.

Two Versions, One Style!

The first, without enamel, celebrates the charm of vintage jewelry. It will appeal to those who appreciate simplicity and elegance. These streamlined pieces are like a statement of minimalist style, perfect for complementing a classic or contemporary look. They are designed for women who prefer discretion while remaining refined.

Allow us to present some of the iconic pieces from this selection:

  • Chain necklace Noelia : a delicate chain with cultured pearls, perfect for those who prefer an elegant style.
  • Large ring Tobia : one of our best-sellers that combines finesse and character with its round shape.
  • Chain bracelet Vega : it perfectly hugs your wrist with its oval adorned with mysterious motifs.
  • Large ring Ouréa : it catches the eye with its striking design, perfect for those who love statement jewelry.

Collection Double Je - AEC Paris

The second version, on the other hand, is an explosion of colors in a palette ranging from green to white, passing through black and terracotta. Each color allows you to express your creativity through your outfits to add a vibrant touch to your day.

We've also made a selection for the enamel pieces:

  • Large ring Bella : this ring doesn't go unnoticed with its vibrant black enamel.
  • Chain necklace Chara : it is enhanced by the enamel which creates a captivating contrast.
  • Chain bracelet Caria : this chain bracelet adorned with enamel adds a touch of texture to your wrist.
  • Hoops Cephus : the vibrant enamel that adorns them gives them a unique personality.

You can even mix and match each piece from the "Double Je" collection, enamel or not, to explore your personality from every angle. Whether you're in a retro mood or want to add a touch of whimsy to your outfit, this collection gives you the freedom to be yourself, without compromise.

Collection Double Je - AEC Paris

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