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Wedding jewelry

Immortalize your special day with AEC Paris's sparkling wedding jewelry. Whether matching sets or signature pieces in stainless steel, these creations combine the timeless brilliance of precious metal with refined design. Treat yourself to quality jewelry to celebrate this exceptional moment in elegance.


New stones coloursDrop earrings PersephoneDrop earrings Persephone
Drop earrings Persephone Sale price79,00€
New stones coloursChain necklace ThemisChain necklace Themis
Chain necklace Themis Sale price55,00€
New stones coloursBangle BolinaBangle Bolina
Bangle Bolina Sale price55,00€
Chain necklace TycheChain necklace Tyche
Chain necklace Tyche Sale price49,00€
Available in SilverChain necklace MeeraChain necklace Meera
Chain necklace Meera Sale price65,00€
Drop earrings CronosDrop earrings Cronos
Drop earrings Cronos Sale price65,00€
Save 30%Chain necklace CaryaChain necklace Carya
Chain necklace Carya Sale price34,30€ Regular price49,00€
Available in Mix Silver/GoldSave 30%Large ring TaccaLarge ring Tacca
Large ring Tacca Sale price27,30€ Regular price39,00€
Hoops GienaHoops Giena
Hoops Giena Sale price39,00€
Thin ring ThalassaThin ring Thalassa
Thin ring Thalassa Sale price49,00€
Bangle SitaBangle Sita
Bangle Sita Sale price49,00€
Drop earrings DionysosDrop earrings Dionysos
Drop earrings Dionysos Sale price49,00€
Chain bracelet HeraChain bracelet Hera
Chain bracelet Hera Sale price69,00€
Save 30%Large ring PeaceLarge ring Peace
Large ring Peace Sale price31,50€ Regular price45,00€
Save 30%Drop earrings ThaliaDrop earrings Thalia
Drop earrings Thalia Sale price38,50€ Regular price55,00€
Choker SuryaChoker Surya
Choker Surya Sale price59,00€
Drop Earrings CalieDrop Earrings Calie
Drop Earrings Calie Sale price49,00€
Chain ring IsanaChain ring Isana
Chain ring Isana Sale price35,00€
Drop earrings JuzaDrop earrings Juza
Drop earrings Juza Sale price35,00€
Mini Hoops BendisMini Hoops Bendis
Mini Hoops Bendis Sale price39,00€
Mini Hoops HanabiraMini Hoops Hanabira
Mini Hoops Hanabira Sale price29,00€
Drop earrings Calie Étoilée - WholesaleDrop earrings Calie Étoilée - Wholesale
New inThin ring OsirisThin ring Osiris
Thin ring Osiris Sale price49,00€
Disponible en ArgentChain necklace Meera ÉtoiléeChain necklace Meera Étoilée
New InAvailable in SilverDrop earrings NereaDrop earrings Nerea
Drop earrings Nerea Sale price49,00€
New InMini hoops AegirMini hoops Aegir
Mini hoops Aegir Sale price35,00€
Thin ring Prisha ÉtoiléeThin ring Prisha Étoilée
Thin ring Prisha Étoilée Sale price39,00€
Chain Ring Isana ÉtoiléeChain Ring Isana Étoilée
Chain Ring Isana Étoilée Sale price35,00€
Sold outChain bracelet HatorChain bracelet Hator
Chain bracelet Hator Sale price45,00€
New inThin ring AtenThin ring Aten
Thin ring Aten Sale price65,00€
Sold outChoker Surya ÉtoiléeChoker Surya Étoilée
Choker Surya Étoilée Sale price59,00€
New inDrop earrings LuxorDrop earrings Luxor
Drop earrings Luxor Sale price89,00€
New inChain bracelet SimbelChain bracelet Simbel
Chain bracelet Simbel Sale price79,00€
New inChain necklace CléopatreChain necklace Cléopatre
Chain necklace Cléopatre Sale price95,00€