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Stone earrings

Accentuate your face by falling for our earrings adorned with fine and refined natural stones such as Mother of Pearl, Tiger Eye, or Rose Quartz...

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Nouvelles couleurs de pierresDrop earrings ArinnaDrop earrings Arinna
Drop earrings Arinna Sale price45,00€
Mini Hoops HeliosMini Hoops Helios
Mini Hoops Helios Sale price45,00€
Nouvelles couleurs de pierresStuds RomaStuds Roma
Studs Roma Sale price39,00€
Nouvelles couleurs de pierresDrop earrings PersephoneDrop earrings Persephone
Drop earrings Persephone Sale price79,00€
Drop earrings ClioDrop earrings Clio
Drop earrings Clio Sale price45,00€
Studs LetoStuds Leto
Studs Leto Sale price25,00€
Nouvelles couleurs de pierresStuds VenusStuds Venus
Studs Venus Sale price39,00€
Drop earrings HepaDrop earrings Hepa
Drop earrings Hepa Sale price45,00€
Drop earrings CybeleDrop earrings Cybele
Drop earrings Cybele Sale price45,00€
Drop earrings ApollonDrop earrings Apollon
Drop earrings Apollon Sale price49,00€
Nouvelles couleurs de pierresDrop earrings ChlorisDrop earrings Chloris
Drop earrings Chloris Sale price45,00€
Drop earrings CronosDrop earrings Cronos
Drop earrings Cronos Sale price65,00€
Drop earrings IlithyieDrop earrings Ilithyie
Drop earrings Ilithyie Sale price59,00€
Drop earrings DamonaDrop earrings Damona
Drop earrings Damona Sale price45,00€
Drop earrings BacchusDrop earrings Bacchus
Drop earrings Bacchus Sale price55,00€
Drop earrings ManiaDrop earrings Mania
Drop earrings Mania Sale price49,00€
NouveautéSold outHoops SunitaHoops Sunita
Hoops Sunita Sale price55,00€
Drop earrings PoseidonDrop earrings Poseidon
Drop earrings Poseidon Sale price45,00€
NouveautéStuds BalaStuds Bala
Studs Bala Sale price29,00€
Drop earrings DionysosDrop earrings Dionysos
Drop earrings Dionysos Sale price49,00€
Drop earrings DionéDrop earrings Dioné
Drop earrings Dioné Sale price55,00€
Drop earrings NeptuneDrop earrings Neptune
Drop earrings Neptune Sale price49,00€
Studs MaiaStuds Maia
Studs Maia Sale price29,00€
Mini Hoops HanabiraMini Hoops Hanabira
Mini Hoops Hanabira Sale price29,00€
Drop earrings HebeDrop earrings Hebe
Drop earrings Hebe Sale price45,00€
Drop earrings MénétiosDrop earrings Ménétios
Drop earrings Ménétios Sale price49,00€
Drop earrings AshDrop earrings Ash
Drop earrings Ash Sale price39,00€
Drop earrings ZaniahDrop earrings Zaniah
Drop earrings Zaniah Sale price60,00€
Drop earrings AphiaDrop earrings Aphia
Drop earrings Aphia Sale price49,00€
NouveautéDrop Earrings AshaDrop Earrings Asha
Drop Earrings Asha Sale price59,00€
Drop earrings AriesDrop earrings Aries
Drop earrings Aries Sale price45,00€
Drop earrings AuraDrop earrings Aura
Drop earrings Aura Sale price49,00€
Piercing Iva LeafPiercing Iva Leaf
Piercing Iva Leaf Sale price19,00€
Studs OutoStuds Outo
Studs Outo Sale price19,00€
Mini Hoops KojoMini Hoops Kojo
Mini Hoops Kojo Sale price29,00€
Piercing ItiaPiercing Itia
Piercing Itia Sale price19,00€
Piercing Iva FlowerPiercing Iva Flower
Piercing Iva Flower Sale price19,00€
NouveautéDrop earrings PriyaDrop earrings Priya
Drop earrings Priya Sale price55,00€
Drop earrings SiraDrop earrings Sira
Drop earrings Sira Sale price29,00€
Piercing Iva LinePiercing Iva Line
Piercing Iva Line Sale price19,00€
Piercing Iva CirclePiercing Iva Circle
Piercing Iva Circle Sale price19,00€
Piercing IfaPiercing Ifa
Piercing Ifa Sale price19,00€
Hoops IvanaHoops Ivana
Hoops Ivana Sale price45,00€
Piercing Iva DropPiercing Iva Drop
Piercing Iva Drop Sale price19,00€
New InDrop earrings Calie ÉtoiléeDrop earrings Calie Étoilée
Piercing Ika FlowerPiercing Ika Flower
Piercing Ika Flower Sale price19,00€
Drop earrings ProméthéeDrop earrings Prométhée
Drop earrings Prométhée Sale price55,00€
Drop earrings HopeDrop earrings Hope
Drop earrings Hope Sale price39,00€