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Stone necklaces

Long necklaces, chokers, chains, or multi-strands, fall for our necklaces and their natural stones (Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Amazonite...) that will bring you light and femininity, enhancing your beauty.


New stones coloursAvailable in SilverChain necklace SunnaChain necklace Sunna
Chain necklace Sunna Sale price55,00€
New stones coloursChain necklace ThemisChain necklace Themis
Chain necklace Themis Sale price55,00€
Collier chaîne HedeliaCollier chaîne Hedelia
Collier chaîne Hedelia Sale price65,00€
Chain necklace MohandasChain necklace Mohandas
Chain necklace Mohandas Sale price65,00€
Chain necklace IsadoraChain necklace Isadora
Chain necklace Isadora Sale price55,00€
Available in SilverChain necklace HadesChain necklace Hades
Chain necklace Hades Sale price52,00€
Astro chain necklaceAstro chain necklace
Astro chain necklace Sale price45,00€
Chain necklace OuranosChain necklace Ouranos
Chain necklace Ouranos Sale price39,00€
Chain necklace TycheChain necklace Tyche
Chain necklace Tyche Sale price49,00€
Choker SuryaChoker Surya
Choker Surya Sale price59,00€
Chain necklace GalateaChain necklace Galatea
Chain necklace Galatea Sale price55,00€
Disponible en ArgentChain necklace Meera ÉtoiléeChain necklace Meera Étoilée
Collier chaîne AlexandraCollier chaîne Alexandra
Collier chaîne Alexandra Sale price69,00€
Chain necklace BoréeChain necklace Borée
Chain necklace Borée Sale price49,00€
Chain necklace AthénaChain necklace Athéna
Chain necklace Athéna Sale price59,00€
Available in SilverChain necklace MinosChain necklace Minos
Chain necklace Minos Sale price49,00€
Chain necklace Mohandas Étoilée - WholesaleChain necklace Mohandas Étoilée - Wholesale
Chain necklace ThetisChain necklace Thetis
Chain necklace Thetis Sale price55,00€
Chain necklace CircéChain necklace Circé
Chain necklace Circé Sale price52,00€
Chain necklace TaraChain necklace Tara
Chain necklace Tara Sale price69,00€
Available in SilverChain necklace MeeraChain necklace Meera
Chain necklace Meera Sale price65,00€
Chain necklace TriviaChain necklace Trivia
Chain necklace Trivia Sale price55,00€
Collier chaîne DeepaCollier chaîne Deepa
Collier chaîne Deepa Sale price65,00€
New inChain necklace SethChain necklace Seth
Chain necklace Seth Sale price69,00€
Chain necklace ColumbaChain necklace Columba
Chain necklace Columba Sale price69,00€
New inChain necklace AssouanChain necklace Assouan
Chain necklace Assouan Sale price89,00€
New inChain necklace CléopatreChain necklace Cléopatre
Chain necklace Cléopatre Sale price95,00€
New inChain necklace AlexandrieChain necklace Alexandrie
Chain necklace Alexandrie Sale price69,00€
New inChain necklace NeithChain necklace Neith
Chain necklace Neith Sale price55,00€
Chain necklace Tara ÉtoiléeChain necklace Tara Étoilée