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Stone rings

The stones add softness and elegance to our rings. Choose the stone that suits you best and collect them to adorn your hands.

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NouveautéThin ring DivyaThin ring Divya
Thin ring Divya Sale price29,00€
Large ring ColumbaLarge ring Columba
Large ring Columba Sale price55,00€
Thin ring MercureThin ring Mercure
Thin ring Mercure Sale price39,00€
Thin ring NyxThin ring Nyx
Thin ring Nyx Sale price39,00€
Thin ring ErebeThin ring Erebe
Thin ring Erebe Sale price39,00€
Thin ring MeditrinaThin ring Meditrina
Thin ring Meditrina Sale price29,00€
NouveautéChain ring DayaChain ring Daya
Chain ring Daya Sale price29,00€
Large ring BellaLarge ring Bella
Large ring Bella Sale price55,00€
Thin ring EloaneThin ring Eloane
Thin ring Eloane Sale price29,00€
Thin ring ThalassaThin ring Thalassa
Thin ring Thalassa Sale price49,00€
Thin ring OrithyeThin ring Orithye
Thin ring Orithye Sale price29,00€
NouveautéChain ring IsanaChain ring Isana
Chain ring Isana Sale price35,00€
Thin ring AyaThin ring Aya
Thin ring Aya Sale price49,00€
Large ring OureaLarge ring Ourea
Large ring Ourea Sale price45,00€
Thin Ring FalliThin Ring Falli
Thin Ring Falli Sale price42,00€
Thin ring MorosThin ring Moros
Thin ring Moros Sale price49,00€
Thin Ring FalvaThin Ring Falva
Thin Ring Falva Sale price35,00€
Thin ring ThanatosThin ring Thanatos
Thin ring Thanatos Sale price49,00€
Thin ring AziaThin ring Azia
Thin ring Azia Sale price35,00€
Thin ring TremaThin ring Trema
Thin ring Trema Sale price29,00€
Thin ring TheiaThin ring Theia
Thin ring Theia Sale price49,00€
Thin ring NouriaThin ring Nouria
Thin ring Nouria Sale price29,00€
New InThin ring Sanya ÉtoiléeThin ring Sanya Étoilée
Thin ring Sanya Étoilée Sale price29,00€
Large ring SalviaLarge ring Salvia
Large ring Salvia Sale price42,00€
New InThin ring Prisha ÉtoiléeThin ring Prisha Étoilée
Thin ring Prisha Étoilée Sale price39,00€
New InChain Ring Daya Drop ÉtoiléeChain Ring Daya Drop Étoilée
New InChain Ring Isana ÉtoiléeChain Ring Isana Étoilée
Chain Ring Isana Étoilée Sale price35,00€
Large ring PeaceLarge ring Peace
Large ring Peace Sale price45,00€
Large ring OnonisLarge ring Ononis
Large ring Ononis Sale price39,00€
New InChain ring Daya Rectangle ÉtoiléeChain ring Daya Rectangle Étoilée
New InChain ring Daya Round ÉtoiléeChain ring Daya Round Étoilée
Large ring MalvaLarge ring Malva
Large ring Malva Sale price42,00€