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Everyday Jewelry

Discover our range of elegant everyday jewelry and wear them with style in your daily life. AEC Paris stainless steel creations are durable and accompany you throughout the year.

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Large ring ColumbaLarge ring Columba
Large ring Columba Sale price55,00€
Drop earrings Lezat LittleDrop earrings Lezat Little
Drop earrings Lezat Little Sale price29,00€
NouveautéChain necklace JeanneChain necklace Jeanne
Chain necklace Jeanne Sale price45,00€
NouveautéLarge ring ElisaLarge ring Elisa
Large ring Elisa Sale price29,00€
Drop earrings PoseidonDrop earrings Poseidon
Drop earrings Poseidon Sale price45,00€
Chain necklace OuranosChain necklace Ouranos
Chain necklace Ouranos Sale price39,00€
NouveautéThin ring JadeThin ring Jade
Thin ring Jade Sale price29,00€
NouveautéThin ring SophieThin ring Sophie
Thin ring Sophie Sale price29,00€
Piercing Iva LeafPiercing Iva Leaf
Piercing Iva Leaf Sale price19,00€
NouveautéDrop Earrings AshaDrop Earrings Asha
Drop Earrings Asha Sale price59,00€
NouveautéHoops AngeliqueHoops Angelique
Hoops Angelique Sale price29,00€
Drop earrings AriesDrop earrings Aries
Drop earrings Aries Sale price45,00€
Large ring DreamLarge ring Dream
Large ring Dream Sale price35,00€
Chain bracelet GamaChain bracelet Gama
Chain bracelet Gama Sale price20,00€
NouveautéBracelet chaîne RomaneBracelet chaîne Romane
Bracelet chaîne Romane Sale price35,00€
Piercing Izia RoundPiercing Izia Round
Piercing Izia Round Sale price29,00€
NouveautéChain bracelet MadhuChain bracelet Madhu
Chain bracelet Madhu Sale price59,00€
Collier chaîne PhilippineCollier chaîne Philippine
Collier chaîne Philippine Sale price59,00€
NouveautéSold outChain bracelet NilaChain bracelet Nila
Chain bracelet Nila Sale price49,00€
NouveautéSold outChoker SuryaChoker Surya
Choker Surya Sale price59,00€
NouveautéSold outHoops FlorenceHoops Florence
Hoops Florence Sale price29,00€
Sold outMini Hoops IsraMini Hoops Isra
Mini Hoops Isra Sale price25,00€