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Essential, hoop earrings accentuate your face with style and elegance. Wear them on any occasion and without moderation!


New inHoops EmilieHoops Emilie
Hoops Emilie Sale price24,17€
New inHoops Juliette
Hoops Juliette Sale price24,17€
Hoops IvanaHoops Ivana
Hoops Ivana Sale price37,50€
NouveautéHoops Sunita EtoiléeHoops Sunita Etoilée
Hoops Sunita Etoilée Sale price45,83€
New inHoops HeleneHoops Helene
Hoops Helene Sale price24,17€
Hoops MirzaHoops Mirza
Hoops Mirza Sale price27,50€
Hoops SunitaHoops Sunita
Hoops Sunita Sale price45,83€
New inHoops AngeliqueHoops Angelique
Hoops Angelique Sale price24,17€
Hoops EnifHoops Enif
Hoops Enif Sale price32,50€
Hoops NeptuneHoops Neptune
Hoops Neptune Sale price40,83€
Hoops GienaHoops Giena
Hoops Giena Sale price32,50€
New inHoops VictoireHoops Victoire
Hoops Victoire Sale price24,17€
Hoops AlgaHoops Alga
Hoops Alga Sale price32,50€
Hoops GrenaHoops Grena
Hoops Grena Sale price29,17€
New InHoops Leela ÉtoiléeHoops Leela Étoilée
Hoops Leela Étoilée Sale price37,50€
Hoops AdibHoops Adib
Hoops Adib Sale price32,50€
Hoops RigelHoops Rigel
Hoops Rigel Sale price32,50€
Hoops AuraHoops Aura
Hoops Aura Sale price40,83€
Hoops AdaraHoops Adara
Hoops Adara Sale price32,50€
Hoops CephusHoops Cephus
Hoops Cephus Sale price40,83€
New InHoops Anaya ÉtoiléeHoops Anaya Étoilée
Hoops Anaya Étoilée Sale price24,17€