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Discover our latest creations with gypsy-rock vibes through the EYES collection. A series of fascinating jewelry pieces that capture the mystical essence of eyes.

Chain necklace Cléopatre - Available soon

Drop earrings Luxor - Available soon

Studs Anubis - Available soon

Thin ring Osiris - Available soon

Drop earrings Menes - Available soon

Each piece of jewelry in this collection is designed to evoke the protective power and striking beauty of the eye, a powerful symbol in Egyptian culture. The chosen materials reflect light and draw the gaze, promising not only to complement your style but also to envelop you in an aura of mystery.

Drop earrings Horus - Available soon

Thin ring Aten - Available soon

Immerse yourself in the captivating universe of our EYES collection and let yourself be transported into a mysterious world.

Drop earrings Hathor - Available soon

Thin ring Nefertari - Available soon

Drop earrings Horus - Available soon

Chain necklace Neith - Available soon

Chain bracelet Simbel - Available soon

Chain bracelet Karnak - Available soon

Chain necklace Alexandrie - Available soon

Chain bracelet Gizeh - Available soon

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