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Thin bangles, wide bangles, set with natural stones... have fun stacking or mixing them with our chain bracelets!


New stones coloursBangle NariaBangle Naria
Bangle Naria Sale price40,83€
Bangle AzhaBangle Azha
Bangle Azha Sale price40,83€
New stones coloursBangle BolinaBangle Bolina
Bangle Bolina Sale price45,83€
Bangle AmeliaBangle Amelia
Bangle Amelia Sale price40,83€
Bangle EoleBangle Eole
Bangle Eole Sale price32,50€
Bangle DanicaBangle Danica
Bangle Danica Sale price45,83€
Bangle SitaBangle Sita
Bangle Sita Sale price40,83€
Bangle NejmaBangle Nejma
Bangle Nejma Sale price45,83€
Bangle MinervaBangle Minerva
Bangle Minerva Sale price40,83€