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Under €30

Discover our sparkling selection of creations under 30 euros, perfect for making your love shine without breaking your budget.

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NouveautéThin ring DivyaThin ring Divya
Thin ring Divya Sale price29,00€
Drop earrings Lezat LittleDrop earrings Lezat Little
Drop earrings Lezat Little Sale price29,00€
NouveautéChain ring DayaChain ring Daya
Chain ring Daya Sale price29,00€
NouveautéLarge ring ElisaLarge ring Elisa
Large ring Elisa Sale price29,00€
NouveautéLarge ring GaranceLarge ring Garance
Large ring Garance Sale price29,00€
Thin ring MeditrinaThin ring Meditrina
Thin ring Meditrina Sale price29,00€
NouveautéStuds BalaStuds Bala
Studs Bala Sale price29,00€
NouveautéHoops EmilieHoops Emilie
Hoops Emilie Sale price29,00€
Chain bracelet ApusChain bracelet Apus
Chain bracelet Apus Sale price29,00€
Studs MaiaStuds Maia
Studs Maia Sale price29,00€
NouveautéThin ring JadeThin ring Jade
Thin ring Jade Sale price29,00€
NouveautéThin ring SophieThin ring Sophie
Thin ring Sophie Sale price29,00€
Thin ring EloaneThin ring Eloane
Thin ring Eloane Sale price29,00€
Chain bracelet JunonChain bracelet Junon
Chain bracelet Junon Sale price29,00€
Chain bracelet EpsilonChain bracelet Epsilon
Chain bracelet Epsilon Sale price25,00€
Collier chaîne GamaCollier chaîne Gama
Collier chaîne Gama Sale price25,00€
Thin ring OrithyeThin ring Orithye
Thin ring Orithye Sale price29,00€
Piercing Iva LinePiercing Iva Line
Piercing Iva Line Sale price19,00€
Piercing Iva FlowerPiercing Iva Flower
Piercing Iva Flower Sale price19,00€
Collier chaîne DubeCollier chaîne Dube
Collier chaîne Dube Sale price25,00€
Collier chaîne EpsilonCollier chaîne Epsilon
Collier chaîne Epsilon Sale price29,00€
Sold outMini Créoles Indigo LittleMini Créoles Indigo Little
Mini Créoles Indigo Little Sale price20,00€
Mini Hoops KojoMini Hoops Kojo
Mini Hoops Kojo Sale price29,00€
Piercing IzziePiercing Izzie
Piercing Izzie Sale price19,00€
Drop earrings SiraDrop earrings Sira
Drop earrings Sira Sale price29,00€
Thin ring TremaThin ring Trema
Thin ring Trema Sale price29,00€
Studs AzuréStuds Azuré
Studs Azuré Sale price25,00€
Chain bracelet GamaChain bracelet Gama
Chain bracelet Gama Sale price20,00€
Piercing Ivy FlowerPiercing Ivy Flower
Piercing Ivy Flower Sale price29,00€
Chain bracelet PlutonChain bracelet Pluton
Chain bracelet Pluton Sale price29,00€
Chain necklace AltiaChain necklace Altia
Chain necklace Altia Sale price29,00€
Chain necklace HorizonChain necklace Horizon
Chain necklace Horizon Sale price29,00€
NouveautéSold outHoops HeleneHoops Helene
Hoops Helene Sale price29,00€
NouveautéSold outHoops Juliette
Hoops Juliette Sale price29,00€
NouveautéSold outHoops FlorenceHoops Florence
Hoops Florence Sale price29,00€
Sold outThin ring ApodisThin ring Apodis
Thin ring Apodis Sale price29,00€
Sold outPiercing IsmenPiercing Ismen
Piercing Ismen Sale price25,00€