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Between €30 and €50

Find happiness in our selection of trendy jewelry between 30 and 50 euros, perfect for gifts where love and style come together in elegant harmony.

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Nouvelles couleurs de pierresDrop earrings ArinnaDrop earrings Arinna
Drop earrings Arinna Sale price45,00€
Thin ring MercureThin ring Mercure
Thin ring Mercure Sale price39,00€
Collier chaîne HedeliaCollier chaîne Hedelia
Collier chaîne Hedelia Sale priceFrom 49,00€
Drop earrings NemesiaDrop earrings Nemesia
Drop earrings Nemesia Sale price49,00€
Chain necklace SigmaChain necklace Sigma
Chain necklace Sigma Sale price39,00€
Drop earrings ClioDrop earrings Clio
Drop earrings Clio Sale price45,00€
Drop earrings CybeleDrop earrings Cybele
Drop earrings Cybele Sale price45,00€
Chain bracelet UranieChain bracelet Uranie
Chain bracelet Uranie Sale price39,00€
Drop earrings LezatDrop earrings Lezat
Drop earrings Lezat Sale price49,00€
Hoops MeresHoops Meres
Hoops Meres Sale price39,00€
Chain necklace TycheChain necklace Tyche
Chain necklace Tyche Sale price49,00€
Chain bracelet CherishChain bracelet Cherish
Chain bracelet Cherish Sale price39,00€
Drop earrings DionysosDrop earrings Dionysos
Drop earrings Dionysos Sale price49,00€
Drop earrings PoseidonDrop earrings Poseidon
Drop earrings Poseidon Sale price45,00€
Chain necklace OuranosChain necklace Ouranos
Chain necklace Ouranos Sale price39,00€
Thin ring ThalassaThin ring Thalassa
Thin ring Thalassa Sale price49,00€
NouveautéChain bracelet IshaChain bracelet Isha
Chain bracelet Isha Sale price49,00€
Chain necklace LibertyChain necklace Liberty
Chain necklace Liberty Sale price42,00€
On saleCollier chaîne AstroCollier chaîne Astro
Collier chaîne Astro Sale priceFrom 36,00€ Regular price45,00€
NouveautéChain bracelet OphelieChain bracelet Ophelie
Chain bracelet Ophelie Sale price35,00€
Large ring ThaliaLarge ring Thalia
Large ring Thalia Sale price49,00€
Chain necklace CrushChain necklace Crush
Chain necklace Crush Sale price49,00€
Large ring OureaLarge ring Ourea
Large ring Ourea Sale price45,00€
Drop earrings AuraDrop earrings Aura
Drop earrings Aura Sale price49,00€
Large ring HederaLarge ring Hedera
Large ring Hedera Sale price39,00€
Chain bracelet VegaChain bracelet Vega
Chain bracelet Vega Sale price45,00€
Drop earrings NoliaDrop earrings Nolia
Drop earrings Nolia Sale price39,00€
Chain bracelet PolisChain bracelet Polis
Chain bracelet Polis Sale price45,00€
Anklet PolisAnklet Polis
Anklet Polis Sale price35,00€
Large ring SpireeLarge ring Spiree
Large ring Spiree Sale price39,00€
Large ring TaccaLarge ring Tacca
Large ring Tacca Sale price39,00€
Hoops EnifHoops Enif
Hoops Enif Sale price39,00€
Large ring HydnoraLarge ring Hydnora
Large ring Hydnora Sale price39,00€
Large ring PeaceLarge ring Peace
Large ring Peace Sale price45,00€
Large ring EuphorbiaLarge ring Euphorbia
Large ring Euphorbia Sale price39,00€
Chain bracelet DoradoChain bracelet Dorado
Chain bracelet Dorado Sale price35,00€
NouveautéBracelet chaîne JustineBracelet chaîne Justine
Bracelet chaîne Justine Sale price35,00€
Bangle AzhaBangle Azha
Bangle Azha Sale price49,00€
Chain bracelet RedaChain bracelet Reda
Chain bracelet Reda Sale price39,00€
NouveautéSold outChain bracelet NilaChain bracelet Nila
Chain bracelet Nila Sale price49,00€
Sold outChain necklace CaelumChain necklace Caelum
Chain necklace Caelum Sale price45,00€
NouveautéSold outDrop Earrings CalieDrop Earrings Calie
Drop Earrings Calie Sale price49,00€
Sold outHoops GienaHoops Giena
Hoops Giena Sale price39,00€