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Evening Jewelry

Shine brightly at your evenings with our elegant and sparkling jewelry, designed to add a touch of glamour to every special occasion.


New InAvailable in SilverLarge ring TiamatLarge ring Tiamat
Large ring Tiamat Sale price35,00€
Drop Earrings CalieDrop Earrings Calie
Drop Earrings Calie Sale price49,00€
Sold outChain necklace MohandasChain necklace Mohandas
Chain necklace Mohandas Sale price65,00€
New inThin ring AtenThin ring Aten
Thin ring Aten Sale price65,00€
New stones coloursDrop earrings PersephoneDrop earrings Persephone
Drop earrings Persephone Sale price79,00€
New inChain necklace AlexandrieChain necklace Alexandrie
Chain necklace Alexandrie Sale price69,00€
New inThin ring SatisThin ring Satis
Thin ring Satis Sale price59,00€
New inDrop earrings MenesDrop earrings Menes
Drop earrings Menes Sale price69,00€
Save 20%Chain necklace AthénaChain necklace Athéna
Chain necklace Athéna Sale price47,20€ Regular price59,00€
Chain necklace TaraChain necklace Tara
Chain necklace Tara Sale price69,00€
Drop earrings Calie Étoilée - WholesaleDrop earrings Calie Étoilée - Wholesale
Save 20%Thin ring MorosThin ring Moros
Thin ring Moros Sale price39,20€ Regular price49,00€
Save 40%Thin ring NyxThin ring Nyx
Thin ring Nyx Sale price23,40€ Regular price39,00€
Chain necklace Mohandas Étoilée Chain necklace Mohandas Étoilée
Available in SilverSave 30%Large ring AmorphaLarge ring Amorpha
Large ring Amorpha Sale price20,58€ Regular price29,40€
New stones coloursBangle BolinaBangle Bolina
Bangle Bolina Sale price55,00€
Drop earrings DionysosDrop earrings Dionysos
Drop earrings Dionysos Sale price49,00€
Available in SilverSave 20%Drop earrings Lezat TallDrop earrings Lezat Tall
Drop earrings Lezat Tall Sale price39,20€ Regular price49,00€
New inDrop earrings LuxorDrop earrings Luxor
Drop earrings Luxor Sale price89,00€
Drop earrings CronosDrop earrings Cronos
Drop earrings Cronos Sale price65,00€
Hoops SunitaHoops Sunita
Hoops Sunita Sale price55,00€
Chain bracelet Sahana ÉtoiléeChain bracelet Sahana Étoilée
Drop Earrings AshaDrop Earrings Asha
Drop Earrings Asha Sale price59,00€
Drop earring ZephyraDrop earring Zephyra
Drop earring Zephyra Sale price69,00€
Chain bracelet MadhuChain bracelet Madhu
Chain bracelet Madhu Sale price59,00€
New inChain bracelet SimbelChain bracelet Simbel
Chain bracelet Simbel Sale price79,00€
Hoops NeptuneHoops Neptune
Hoops Neptune Sale price49,00€
Drop earring Asha ÉtoiléeDrop earring Asha Étoilée
Drop earring Asha Étoilée Sale price59,00€
Available in SilverDrop earrings LezatDrop earrings Lezat
Drop earrings Lezat Sale price49,00€
Chain bracelet Madhu ÉtoiléeChain bracelet Madhu Étoilée
New inChain necklace CléopatreChain necklace Cléopatre
Chain necklace Cléopatre Sale price95,00€
Available in SilverHoops Sunita EtoiléeHoops Sunita Etoilée
Hoops Sunita Etoilée Sale price55,00€
Hoops Leela ÉtoiléeHoops Leela Étoilée
Hoops Leela Étoilée Sale price45,00€
Drop earrings BacchusDrop earrings Bacchus
Drop earrings Bacchus Sale price55,00€
Save 20%Drop earrings AsterionDrop earrings Asterion
Drop earrings Asterion Sale price28,00€ Regular price35,00€
Save 40%Drop earrings MénétiosDrop earrings Ménétios
Drop earrings Ménétios Sale price29,40€ Regular price49,00€
Chain necklace Tara ÉtoiléeChain necklace Tara Étoilée
Sold outChain bracelet HatorChain bracelet Hator
Chain bracelet Hator Sale price45,00€