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The ultimate accessory to feminize and brighten an outfit, earrings come in a variety of styles to suit all preferences: drop earrings, hoops, studs, earcuffs!


Available in SilverNew inHoops LiyaHoops Liya
Hoops Liya Sale price69,00€
New inStuds AnubisStuds Anubis
Studs Anubis Sale price45,00€
New inDrop earrings HathorDrop earrings Hathor
Drop earrings Hathor Sale price79,00€
New inDrop earrings LuxorDrop earrings Luxor
Drop earrings Luxor Sale price89,00€
New inDrop earrings MenesDrop earrings Menes
Drop earrings Menes Sale price69,00€
New inMini hoops HorusMini hoops Horus
Mini hoops Horus Sale price59,00€
New inAvailable in SilverDrop earrings TevaDrop earrings Teva
Drop earrings Teva Sale price35,00€
New inAvailable in SilverHoops NinonHoops Ninon
Hoops Ninon Sale price39,00€
New InAvailable in SilverHoops TorrentHoops Torrent
Hoops Torrent Sale price45,00€
New InAvailable in SilverStuds BrookStuds Brook
Studs Brook Sale price29,00€
New InAvailable in SilverDrop earrings NileDrop earrings Nile
Drop earrings Nile Sale price45,00€
New InAvailable in SilverDrop earrings NereaDrop earrings Nerea
Drop earrings Nerea Sale price49,00€
New InAvailable in SilverHoops MoanaHoops Moana
Hoops Moana Sale price39,00€
New InMini hoops AegirMini hoops Aegir
Mini hoops Aegir Sale price35,00€
New InMini hoops RanMini hoops Ran
Mini hoops Ran Sale price29,00€
New InAvailable in SilverMini hoops MarisMini hoops Maris
Mini hoops Maris Sale price29,00€
NouveautéPiercing May
Piercing May Sale price29,00€
NouveautéPiercing Liv
Piercing Liv Sale price29,00€
NouveautéPiercing Ela
Piercing Ela Sale price29,00€
Drop earrings Calie Étoilée - WholesaleDrop earrings Calie Étoilée - Wholesale
Mini hoops DaphneMini hoops Daphne
Mini hoops Daphne Sale price49,00€
Drop earrings KleioDrop earrings Kleio
Drop earrings Kleio Sale price79,00€
Mini hoops EleniMini hoops Eleni
Mini hoops Eleni Sale price49,00€
Drop earring ZephyraDrop earring Zephyra
Drop earring Zephyra Sale price69,00€
Hoops Anaya ÉtoiléeHoops Anaya Étoilée
Hoops Anaya Étoilée Sale price29,00€
Studs Bala RoundStuds Bala Round
Studs Bala Round Sale price29,00€
Studs Bala RectangleStuds Bala Rectangle
Studs Bala Rectangle Sale price29,00€
Studs Bala OvalStuds Bala Oval
Studs Bala Oval Sale price29,00€
Studs Bala TeardropStuds Bala Teardrop
Studs Bala Teardrop Sale price29,00€
Studs Bala SquareStuds Bala Square
Studs Bala Square Sale price29,00€
Disponible en ArgentMini Hoops Zoya ÉtoiléeMini Hoops Zoya Étoilée
Mini Hoops Zoya Étoilée Sale price29,00€
Available in SilverHoops Sunita EtoiléeHoops Sunita Etoilée
Hoops Sunita Etoilée Sale price55,00€
Hoops Leela ÉtoiléeHoops Leela Étoilée
Hoops Leela Étoilée Sale price45,00€
Mini hoops Tanisha Étoilée
Mini hoops Tanisha Étoilée Sale price35,00€
Mini Hoops Ayumi ÉtoiléeMini Hoops Ayumi Étoilée
Mini Hoops Ayumi Étoilée Sale price35,00€
Studs Cyra ÉtoiléeStuds Cyra Étoilée
Studs Cyra Étoilée Sale price29,00€
Studs Ekta Étoilée Studs Ekta Étoilée
Studs Ekta Étoilée Sale price25,00€
Studs Bala Round ÉtoiléeStuds Bala Round Étoilée
Studs Bala Round Étoilée Sale price29,00€
Studs Bala Rectangle ÉtoiléeStuds Bala Rectangle Étoilée
Studs Bala Drop ÉtoiléeStuds Bala Drop Étoilée
Studs Bala Drop Étoilée Sale price29,00€
Drop earring Asha ÉtoiléeDrop earring Asha Étoilée
Drop earring Asha Étoilée Sale price59,00€
New stones coloursDrop earrings ChlorisDrop earrings Chloris
Drop earrings Chloris Sale price45,00€
New stones coloursStuds VenusStuds Venus
Studs Venus Sale price39,00€
New stones coloursStuds RomaStuds Roma
Studs Roma Sale price39,00€
New stones coloursDrop earrings PersephoneDrop earrings Persephone
Drop earrings Persephone Sale price79,00€
New stones coloursDrop earrings ArinnaDrop earrings Arinna
Drop earrings Arinna Sale price45,00€
Disponible en ArgentDrop earrings ElisabethDrop earrings Elisabeth
Drop earrings Elisabeth Sale price45,00€
Available in SilverDrop earrings NemesiaDrop earrings Nemesia
Drop earrings Nemesia Sale price49,00€
Hoops SunitaHoops Sunita
Hoops Sunita Sale price55,00€
Drop earrings PriyaDrop earrings Priya
Drop earrings Priya Sale price55,00€