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Stone bracelets

Mother-of-pearl, labradorite, rose quartz... Discover our stone bracelets that add light and a touch of femininity to your wrist. Collect them and mix them with our chain bracelets!


New stones coloursChain bracelet EurybieChain bracelet Eurybie
Chain bracelet Eurybie Sale price54,17€
Chain bracelet UranieChain bracelet Uranie
Chain bracelet Uranie Sale price32,50€
New InChain bracelet HeraChain bracelet Hera
Chain bracelet Hera Sale price57,50€
Chain bracelet CherishChain bracelet Cherish
Chain bracelet Cherish Sale price32,50€
Chain bracelet LuckyChain bracelet Lucky
Chain bracelet Lucky Sale price32,50€
New stones coloursBangle NariaBangle Naria
Bangle Naria Sale price40,83€
Chain bracelet NilaChain bracelet Nila
Chain bracelet Nila Sale price40,83€
Bangle AzhaBangle Azha
Bangle Azha Sale price40,83€
Chain Bracelet SkadiChain Bracelet Skadi
Chain Bracelet Skadi Sale price54,17€
Chain Bracelet CariaChain Bracelet Caria
Chain Bracelet Caria Sale price37,50€
New stones coloursBangle BolinaBangle Bolina
Bangle Bolina Sale price45,83€
Bangle AmeliaBangle Amelia
Bangle Amelia Sale price40,83€
Chain bracelet GaïaChain bracelet Gaïa
Chain bracelet Gaïa Sale price32,50€
Chain bracelet JupiterChain bracelet Jupiter
Chain bracelet Jupiter Sale price32,50€
Chain bracelet IshaChain bracelet Isha
Chain bracelet Isha Sale price40,83€
Chain bracelet ColumbaChain bracelet Columba
Chain bracelet Columba Sale price49,17€
New stones coloursChain bracelet HygieChain bracelet Hygie
Chain bracelet Hygie Sale price37,50€
Bangle EoleBangle Eole
Bangle Eole Sale price32,50€
Chain bracelet HemeraChain bracelet Hemera
Chain bracelet Hemera Sale price37,50€
Chain bracelet VegaChain bracelet Vega
Chain bracelet Vega Sale price37,50€
Chain bracelet ChaosChain bracelet Chaos
Chain bracelet Chaos Sale price32,50€
Chain Bracelet AvetaChain Bracelet Aveta
Chain Bracelet Aveta Sale price54,17€
Chain bracelet AltaiaChain bracelet Altaia
Chain bracelet Altaia Sale price32,50€
Chain Bracelet FreyaChain Bracelet Freya
Chain Bracelet Freya Sale price54,17€
Bangle SitaBangle Sita
Bangle Sita Sale price40,83€
New InChain bracelet Andrea ÉtoiléeChain bracelet Andrea Étoilée
New InChain bracelet Anya ÉtoiléeChain bracelet Anya Étoilée
New InChain bracelet Nila ÉtoiléeChain bracelet Nila Étoilée
New InChain bracelet AgapeChain bracelet Agape
Chain bracelet Agape Sale price49,17€
Chain bracelet DircaChain bracelet Dirca
Chain bracelet Dirca Sale price45,83€
Chain bracelet MadhuChain bracelet Madhu
Chain bracelet Madhu Sale price49,17€
New InChain bracelet Madhu ÉtoiléeChain bracelet Madhu Étoilée
Chain bracelet JunonChain bracelet Junon
Chain bracelet Junon Sale price24,17€
New InChain bracelet Isha ÉtoiléeChain bracelet Isha Étoilée
New InChain bracelet Sahana ÉtoiléeChain bracelet Sahana Étoilée
Chain bracelet PlutonChain bracelet Pluton
Chain bracelet Pluton Sale price24,17€
Anklet PolisAnklet Polis
Anklet Polis Sale price29,17€
Chain bracelet PolisChain bracelet Polis
Chain bracelet Polis Sale price37,50€
Bangle MinervaBangle Minerva
Bangle Minerva Sale price40,83€