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Over €50

Explore our selection of jewelry over 50 euros, designed for those who seek exceptional gifts worthy of their special occasions.


Chain necklace MohandasChain necklace Mohandas
Chain necklace Mohandas Sale price65,00€
Large ring ColumbaLarge ring Columba
Large ring Columba Sale price55,00€
New stones coloursDrop earrings PersephoneDrop earrings Persephone
Drop earrings Persephone Sale price79,00€
Drop earrings CronosDrop earrings Cronos
Drop earrings Cronos Sale price65,00€
New stones coloursChain bracelet EurybieChain bracelet Eurybie
Chain bracelet Eurybie Sale price65,00€
Available in SilverSave 30%Large ring BellaLarge ring Bella
Large ring Bella Sale price38,50€ Regular price55,00€
Available in SilverSave 30%Chain necklace NoeliaChain necklace Noelia
Chain necklace Noelia Sale price45,50€ Regular price65,00€
Available in SilverSave 30%Drop earrings ZaniahDrop earrings Zaniah
Drop earrings Zaniah Sale price42,00€ Regular price60,00€
Chain necklace ThetisChain necklace Thetis
Chain necklace Thetis Sale price55,00€
Save 30%Drop earrings ThaliaDrop earrings Thalia
Drop earrings Thalia Sale price38,50€ Regular price55,00€
Choker SuryaChoker Surya
Choker Surya Sale price59,00€
New stones coloursBangle BolinaBangle Bolina
Bangle Bolina Sale price55,00€
Save 30%Chain necklace ThaliaChain necklace Thalia
Chain necklace Thalia Sale price38,50€ Regular price55,00€
Available in SilverChain bracelet ColumbaChain bracelet Columba
Chain bracelet Columba Sale price59,00€
Available in SilverChain necklace LezatChain necklace Lezat
Chain necklace Lezat Sale price79,00€
Chain necklace TriviaChain necklace Trivia
Chain necklace Trivia Sale price55,00€
Hoops SunitaHoops Sunita
Hoops Sunita Sale price55,00€
Chain bracelet MadhuChain bracelet Madhu
Chain bracelet Madhu Sale price59,00€
Drop earrings PriyaDrop earrings Priya
Drop earrings Priya Sale price55,00€
Available in SilverChain necklace EpiChain necklace Epi
Chain necklace Epi Sale price59,00€
Drop Earrings AshaDrop Earrings Asha
Drop Earrings Asha Sale price59,00€
Save 30%Chain necklace CharaChain necklace Chara
Chain necklace Chara Sale price38,50€ Regular price55,00€
Save 30%Chain necklace CharaChain necklace Chara
Chain necklace Chara Sale price38,50€ Regular price55,00€
Chain necklace TaraChain necklace Tara
Chain necklace Tara Sale price69,00€
Drop earrings DionéDrop earrings Dioné
Drop earrings Dioné Sale price55,00€
Chain necklace HarisChain necklace Haris
Chain necklace Haris Sale price65,00€
Chain Bracelet SkadiChain Bracelet Skadi
Chain Bracelet Skadi Sale price65,00€
Save 30%Bangle NejmaBangle Nejma
Bangle Nejma Sale price38,50€ Regular price55,00€
Save 30%Choker DelairaChoker Delaira
Choker Delaira Sale price48,30€ Regular price69,00€
Drop earrings IlithyieDrop earrings Ilithyie
Drop earrings Ilithyie Sale price59,00€
Chain necklace ColumbaChain necklace Columba
Chain necklace Columba Sale price69,00€
Drop earrings HéraclesDrop earrings Héracles
Drop earrings Héracles Sale price55,00€
Save 30%Chain bracelet DircaChain bracelet Dirca
Chain bracelet Dirca Sale price38,50€ Regular price55,00€
Save 30%Bangle DanicaBangle Danica
Bangle Danica Sale price38,50€ Regular price55,00€
Collier chaîne PhilippineCollier chaîne Philippine
Collier chaîne Philippine Sale price59,00€
Chain necklace SadiraChain necklace Sadira
Chain necklace Sadira Sale price79,00€