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The new fashion star in our Organic collection!

Collection Organic - AEC Paris

“No nature, no future.”

If you thought geometric symmetry was reserved for mathematicians, think again! It's the new rising star of fashion, and we're going to show you why.

Imagine for a moment that you're wearing jewelry that adds that certain something to your outfit. You feel a bit like a superstar, don't you? Well, that's exactly what our Organic collection can do for you.
These pieces are not just accessories; they are statement pieces that will enchant everyone you meet.
Collection Double Je - AEC Paris

You might be wondering why we chose rock crystal for some of the designs. Rock crystal is associated with clarity of mind and energy. It's like having a friend who reminds you to stay focused and energized throughout the day!

Now, you might think that nature and futurism don't go together, but our Organic collection is here to prove otherwise. It's a celebration of this fusion, the future of fashion born from inspiration drawn from our natural environment.

Each of these pieces has been carefully designed to help you express your unique style, without compromising the timeless charm of nature. It's the perfect marriage of elegance and modernity.

Discover how the future of fashion can seamlessly integrate into your everyday wardrobe!

Collection Organic - AEC Paris

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Avec les bijoux Zenith on atterrit pile entre l'élégance du vintage et la modernité de l’AEC Paris

With Zenith jewelry, you land right between the elegance of vintage and the modernity of AEC Paris.

“The sun rises only for those who go to meet it” Today we soar with you, to present our Zenith collection. Like nature, we are constantly evolving, and the true brilliance of our humanity lies ...

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Gold Around : L'or est roi et la beauté est reine !

Gold Around: Gold is King and Beauty is Queen!

Let's dive together into a royal celebration dedicated to 18-carat gold-plated stainless steel and all that it symbolizes. The Gold Around collection is much more than just a series of jewelry; i...

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