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10 tips to take care of your piercings!

Prendre soin de ces piercings - AEC Paris
Adopt simple yet essential habits to ensure quick healing and prevent infections.
Prendre soin de ces piercings - AEC Paris

1 - Avoid touching!

It's a golden rule to ensure rapid self-healing. Indeed, constantly manipulating your piercing exposes you to a multitude of risks, from introducing bacteria through your hands to potential irritations. Cleaning is the only thing to consider.

2 - Do not remove the crusts

They act as a barrier against external pathogens, thus preventing potential infections. They must be allowed to follow their natural cycle to promote uncomplicated healing.

3 - Wash your hands

Hands harbor a large number of bacteria, so before touching your piercing, thoroughly wash your hands with antibacterial soap to avoid any contamination..

4 - Clean regularly

Daily cleaning is an essential ritual in preserving your piercings. Morning and evening, gently clean them with a mild saline solution, a pH-neutral soap, or an alcohol-free cleanser, taking care to remove any residue without disrupting the healing process.

5 - Use high-quality materials

For a guarantee of safety and durability, the choice of materials is paramount to preserve the beauty and health of your piercings over time. It's worth noting that all our piercings are made of raw surgical steel or 18-carat gold-plated.

Prendre soin de ces piercings - AEC Paris

6 - Avoid chemical products

To avoid irritations or allergic reactions, it is recommended to refrain from using chemicals such as perfume, lotion, makeup, or shampoos with harsh chemical agents near the piercing.

7 - Protecting your piercing during physical activity

Opt for loose clothing that minimizes friction with your piercings and avoid abrasive fabrics. If you engage in a high-contact sport, take precautions by wearing a headband or bandage to protect the pierced area.

8 - Monitor signs of infection

Any early signs of infection (redness, swelling, pain, warmth, or pus discharge) should be detected as early as possible. If symptoms persist, immediately consult a healthcare professional or a piercing specialist.

9 - Avoid sleeping on the pierced area

Constant pressure on the piercing can lead to irritations or a delay in the healing process. It's preferable to sleep on your back or on the opposite side of the piercing.

10 - Be patient

Depending on the location and healing process, the healing of a piercing can take several weeks or months. So be patient and follow the care instructions carefully.

If you're looking for piercings that combine elegance, quality, and ease of maintenance, then explore our exclusive collection.

Prendre soin de ces piercings - AEC Paris

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