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The ultimate accessory to feminize and brighten an outfit, earrings come in a variety of styles to suit all preferences: drop earrings, hoops, studs, earcuffs!


Piercing Izia BarPiercing Izia Bar
Piercing Izia Bar Sale price29,00€
Piercing Izia RoundPiercing Izia Round
Piercing Izia Round Sale price29,00€
Studs OutoStuds Outo
Studs Outo Sale price19,00€
Studs MaiaStuds Maia
Studs Maia Sale price29,00€
Studs LetoStuds Leto
Studs Leto Sale price25,00€
Drop earrings HoraDrop earrings Hora
Drop earrings Hora Sale price45,00€
Drop earrings HepaDrop earrings Hepa
Drop earrings Hepa Sale price45,00€
Drop earrings HebeDrop earrings Hebe
Drop earrings Hebe Sale price45,00€
Studs EosStuds Eos
Studs Eos Sale price25,00€
Drop earrings ClioDrop earrings Clio
Drop earrings Clio Sale price45,00€