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How about a gemology course with natural stones from AEC Paris?

Guide des Pierres - AEC Paris
Today, there are hundreds of varieties of gem, and new ones are being discovered all the time. So if you want to choose the right jewellery with a natural stone, it's best to take the time to discover them all!

🌚 Moonstone: Associated with feminine intuition and fertility, it is often used to promote emotional balance and stimulate creativity.
Guide des Pierres - AEC Paris

🐯 Tiger's eye : Reputed to provide protection and courage, tiger's eye is a stone that embodies strength and determination. It is often worn as a talisman to ward off negative energies and boost self-confidence.

💜 Amethyst: Prized for its calming properties, amethyst promotes serenity and emotional balance. It is often used in meditation to calm the mind and raise the level of consciousness.
Guide des Pierres - AEC Paris

🍀 Aventurine: Evoking luck and prosperity, aventurine is a stone that brings positive vibrations into the wearer's life. It is often associated with luck and abundance.

🍉 Watermelon quartz and pink agate: Symbols of love and harmony, these stones evoke gentleness and tenderness. They are often used to strengthen emotional relationships and encourage compassion and empathy.
Guide des Pierres - AEC Paris

💬 Labradorite: Renowned for its protective and spiritual properties, labradorite is a stone that awakens spiritual awareness and helps to balance energies.

💚 Green onyx: Offering emotional stability, green onyx is a stone that brings calm and serenity in turbulent times. It is often used to promote inner harmony and peace of mind.
Guide des Pierres - AEC Paris

Come and discover all our jewellery and natural stones !

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