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Because no words can fully express the love we feel for our mums...

Fête des Mères - AEC Paris
At AEC Paris, we believe that every mother deserves to be celebrated with gifts that are as unique and special as she is herself.

This year, let us help you find the perfect gift to express your gratitude and affection for the person who holds such an important place in your heart. We've decided to make a special Mother's Day selection to pay tribute to the beauty and strength of mothers the world over.

Whether your mum is a fan of classic elegance or prefers bold, modern pieces, our collections offer a variety of styles to suit all tastes and personalities. From delicate necklaces adorned with 18-carat gold-plated stainless steel white zircons to organics rings, each piece of jewellery is carefully crafted to shine as brightly as the love it represents.
Fête des Mères - AEC Paris

Daphné mini hoops : a must-have to have in your beautiful jewelery collection.
The Lucky chain bracelet : give this lucky jewel to the love of your life.

The Falva ring : it enhances your look with elegance and natural stone.
The Stella necklace : perfect for enhancing the head carriage.
Fête des Mères - AEC Paris

Make your mum's eyes sparkle with a piece of jewellery that will remind her every day how much she is loved and appreciated.

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Ça vous dit un cours de gemmologie avec les pierres naturelles de l'AEC Paris ?

How about a gemology course with natural stones from AEC Paris?

Today, there are hundreds of varieties of gem, and new ones are being discovered all the time. So if you want to choose the right jewellery with a natural stone, it's best to take the time to disc...

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La chaîne : des rois aux rappeurs

The Chain: From Kings to Rappers

Jewelry with chains has been redesigned over the centuries using various materials. However, the essence of chains remains the same: two shapes (usually circles) linked together, symbolizing etern...

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