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Ring stacking - AEC Paris
Who said that rings had to be worn alone?
The more, the better—maximalism is trending in jewelry this year. If you're all about rings, you've probably heard of 'ring stacking,' which involves wearing and combining multiple rings at once.

This is an opportunity to unleash your creativity. Adorning your fingers with multiple rings allows you to showcase your style and enhance any look.
However, if the idea still doesn't convince you, here is a brief guide on the various ways to find the suitable ring combination for each situation.
Ring stacking - AEC Paris
Mix the metals. Different colors to add a touch of originality, and no, gold and silver are not necessarily rivals.

Tastes and colors : The good news when combining rings is that you can do it with all styles; signet rings, bands, delicate rings... all styles can be combined. Even solitaires sometimes want a bit of company!

Choose a headline act: A statement ring, one that won't go unnoticed and will complement more understated rings.

Don't overdo it : even though it's super exciting to pile on the jewelry, it's all about balance. Leave at least one finger bare to let your hands breathe and create harmony.

"Find the stack that suits you."


You want to wear a combination of rings that works both for the office and after work. for a look that says "I deserve it," layer two bold statement rings and add a slightly finer ring or one with a touch of color on another finger. there you have it, you've just created a timeless style.
Ring stacking - AEC Paris

A birthday (yours or your cat's), Mother's Day, your best friend getting engaged (or divorced), finally having your dream apartment... the important thing is to celebrate an event that is dear to you.
Ring stacking - AEC Paris
Whatever combination of rings you choose, the important thing is that you feel comfortable with it and that you're not afraid to mix different ring styles and create new combinations. Discover all our rings and create your stack!

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