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The Chain: From Kings to Rappers

La chaîne - AEC Paris
Jewelry with chains has been redesigned over the centuries using various materials. However, the essence of chains remains the same: two shapes (usually circles) linked together, symbolizing eternity.
La chaîne - AEC Paris
From Kings to Rappers
Chains have been worn by a certain elite since ancient Egypt. Chains adorned with precious stones are a symbol of royalty, much like crowns, and they are essential pieces in every royal family's jewelry collection. However, kings and queens are not the only ones who love wearing breathtaking chains. Just look at the hip-hop scene: large gold chains are an essential element of rappers' and rap artists' attire.
La chaîne - AEC Paris
A must-have unisex jewel
Chains are probably the ultimate seasonless and genderless jewelry. Chains are a statement of gender fluidity, meaning they are neither masculine nor feminine, and that is where their beauty lies. These are pieces you can wear over and over again without ever getting tired of them, which is why AEC launched the SUNLIGHT collection.
A chain for everyone
If you're considering getting your next everyday chain, a modern twist on the classic link chain could be perfect, like the EPI necklace. Or if you're more inclined to go all out, our LEZAT necklace will make you jump with excitement. If you prefer to stay minimalistic yet chic, the CARINA chain necklace is certainly the one for you
La chaîne - AEC Paris

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