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The ultimate accessory to feminize and brighten an outfit, earrings come in a variety of styles to suit all preferences: drop earrings, hoops, studs, earcuffs!


Hoops VictoireHoops Victoire
Hoops Victoire Sale price29,00€
Hoops JulietteHoops Juliette
Hoops Juliette Sale price29,00€
Hoops AngeliqueHoops Angelique
Hoops Angelique Sale price29,00€
Available in SilverDrop earrings LezatDrop earrings Lezat
Drop earrings Lezat Sale price49,00€
Available in SilverDrop earrings Lezat LittleDrop earrings Lezat Little
Drop earrings Lezat Little Sale price29,00€
Drop earrings DionéDrop earrings Dioné
Drop earrings Dioné Sale price55,00€
Hoops AuraHoops Aura
Hoops Aura Sale price49,00€
Drop earrings BacchusDrop earrings Bacchus
Drop earrings Bacchus Sale price55,00€
Drop earrings AphiaDrop earrings Aphia
Drop earrings Aphia Sale price49,00€
Drop earrings ProméthéeDrop earrings Prométhée
Drop earrings Prométhée Sale price55,00€
Hoops NeptuneHoops Neptune
Hoops Neptune Sale price49,00€
Mini Hoops KojoMini Hoops Kojo
Mini Hoops Kojo Sale price29,00€
Mini Hoops HeliosMini Hoops Helios
Mini Hoops Helios Sale price45,00€
Mini Hoops HanabiraMini Hoops Hanabira
Mini Hoops Hanabira Sale price29,00€
Drop earrings DamonaDrop earrings Damona
Drop earrings Damona Sale price45,00€
Drop earrings CybeleDrop earrings Cybele
Drop earrings Cybele Sale price45,00€
Mini Hoops BendisMini Hoops Bendis
Mini Hoops Bendis Sale price39,00€
Drop earrings DionysosDrop earrings Dionysos
Drop earrings Dionysos Sale price49,00€
Drop earrings CronosDrop earrings Cronos
Drop earrings Cronos Sale price65,00€
Drop earrings ApollonDrop earrings Apollon
Drop earrings Apollon Sale price49,00€
Drop earrings ManiaDrop earrings Mania
Drop earrings Mania Sale price49,00€
Hoops MeresHoops Meres
Hoops Meres Sale price39,00€
Drop earrings JuzaDrop earrings Juza
Drop earrings Juza Sale price35,00€
Hoops GrenaHoops Grena
Hoops Grena Sale price35,00€
Hoops AdaraHoops Adara
Hoops Adara Sale price39,00€
Hoops GienaHoops Giena
Hoops Giena Sale price39,00€
Hoops AlgaHoops Alga
Hoops Alga Sale price39,00€
Hoops AdibHoops Adib
Hoops Adib Sale price39,00€
Mini hoops Indigo TallMini hoops Indigo Tall
Mini hoops Indigo Tall Sale price30,00€
Available in SilverPiercing Iva LinePiercing Iva Line
Piercing Iva Line Sale price19,00€
Mini Hoops Indigo LittleMini Hoops Indigo Little
Mini Hoops Indigo Little Sale price20,00€
Available in SilverPiercing Iva CrownPiercing Iva Crown
Piercing Iva Crown Sale price19,00€
Available in SilverPiercing Iva LeafPiercing Iva Leaf
Piercing Iva Leaf Sale price19,00€
Available in SilverPiercing Iva DropPiercing Iva Drop
Piercing Iva Drop Sale price19,00€
Available in SilverPiercing Iva FlowerPiercing Iva Flower
Piercing Iva Flower Sale price19,00€
Available in SilverPiercing Iva CirclePiercing Iva Circle
Piercing Iva Circle Sale price19,00€
Available in SilverPiercing Iva TrianglePiercing Iva Triangle
Piercing Iva Triangle Sale price19,00€
Available in SilverPiercing IfaPiercing Ifa
Piercing Ifa Sale price19,00€
Available in SilverPiercing ImaPiercing Ima
Piercing Ima Sale price19,00€
Piercing Ila BarPiercing Ila Bar
Piercing Ila Bar Sale price19,00€
Piercing Ila CirclePiercing Ila Circle
Piercing Ila Circle Sale price19,00€
Available in SilverPiercing ItiaPiercing Itia
Piercing Itia Sale price19,00€
Piercing IzziePiercing Izzie
Piercing Izzie Sale price19,00€
Piercing Ika DropPiercing Ika Drop
Piercing Ika Drop Sale price19,00€
Piercing Ika FlowerPiercing Ika Flower
Piercing Ika Flower Sale price19,00€
Mini Hoops IsalyneMini Hoops Isalyne
Mini Hoops Isalyne Sale price25,00€
Available in SilverMini Hoops IseultMini Hoops Iseult
Mini Hoops Iseult Sale price25,00€
Earcuffs IncaEarcuffs Inca
Earcuffs Inca Sale price19,00€
Piercing Ivy LeafPiercing Ivy Leaf
Piercing Ivy Leaf Sale price29,00€
Piercing Ivy FlowerPiercing Ivy Flower
Piercing Ivy Flower Sale price29,00€